Inktober: The Tower Line Art


And done.  That makes three cards with line art completed this month.  Not the four that I had set myself as a goal, but it’s better than I thought I would do.

This card was a lot of fun to work on.  I  was trying to evoke the elemental power of the Ikon, and ended up going very geologic with it.  It’s kind of a cross between cooled lava floes and a hellish nightmare, so.  Originally I was going to work a cluster of geodes in, but the composition wouldn’t take it.

Fun fact: I did some research and found that there are a number of trees whose seeds only open and begin to grow after the resin in them is melted by a forest fire.  One of these is the giant sequoia, and that’s what I’ve put in the lower right corner.


Inktober: The Tower WIP 1


Well, I rolled the Tower.  Trying to make this reasonably different from the standard Rider-Waite deck, despite having most of the same meanings.  So this here is a cautionary tale: embrace the change.

I’m surprised at how much faster this one is going.  Granted, I was holed up in my studio working on it all day since we were having a new furnace and air conditioner installed, but still.  It is entirely possible I could finish this one inside of three days.

Inktober: The Empress lineart


So I have finished two cards’ linearts this month.  I am almost certainly not going to get another one done before November, but all in all this is a lot more progress than I’ve made in months.

Next: I don’t know!  I’m going to roll a die and pick randomly from the list of remaining cards, since I have no more designs in my pocket at the moment.

Inktober: The Empress WIP 4

empresspreview4Is a kitty!  (No kitties were hurt in the making of this card.)

This is the one where I get to claim that all those umpteen billion hours playing Assassin’s Creed were all for art research, right?  And watching My Cat From Hell?  Because kitty body language?

Home stretch.

Inktober: The Empress WIP 3


Whoof, progress has been made.  Why do I always make myself do things that are incredibly fiddly?  I promise the city will make more visual sense once color is applied.

I have started in on the brocade, but ran out of steam on the day.  Also watching the Presidential debate kind of sapped my will to work.  For the curious, this is about 16 hours’ worth of work, from the start of the brainstorming/doodling stage.  I’ve been keeping an excel file to track how long each card takes for my own edification.

Tomorrow: likely start in on the homicidal psycho jungle cat.  Whee animal anatomy that I am terrible at.  Thank you google image search.

Inktober: The Empress WIP 2


I am soooo behind schedule with this one, but I can chalk that entirely up to my own laziness.  Still, I’m pleased with how this is going so far.

Fun with tailoring!  I knew that the clothing on this one was going to be important.  I looked into the sorts of gowns actual empresses used to wear, and found them altogether too poofy, soft, and impractical.  So instead I designed my own thing drawing inspiration from men’s Prussian military uniforms.  There will be brocade.

The thing hanging at her waist is an accessory women used to wear in the days before handbags called a chatelaine.  You would hang little tools and things from chains so you’d have them at hand throughout the day.  But one of the important things that could be carried were the keys to a household; the woman who had all the keys was the mistress of the household and literally in charge of all the comings and goings.

I’m still trying to decide if the rapier on her other hip is a good idea or not.  Military might is one of the ways of enforcing power structures though, right?

Inktober: The Empress WIP 1


With Duty done, I’ve worked out the composition for the Empress here.  For these cards, they tend to be difficult in one of two ways: lots of moving parts, or something that’s very difficult to depict.  I can usually tell which, and this one is definitely the latter.  Stupid tigers.

The composition is actually really simple for this one, though there’ll be quite a bit of detail in the city below.  I like this much better than the first one I did up, as it’s more dynamic.