The Visionary–WIP 4


Okay, so this is a little jumbly right now but I promise it’ll make more sense once I put in color flats to hide things wot are under other things.  Right now I am focusing on getting it all actually up there, and later I am sure I will have to tweak composition.

I’m pretty sure my 2 cards/month goal was not overly ambitious, but this card is probably one of the worst ones to start with in terms of amount of work it is taking.  Hopefully it will go a little quicker now that I have most of the gear-shapes done; those have been absolutely hell even with Photoshop doing a lot of the hard work.  Even the planet-globes, round as they are, are not nearly such a headache and go up much faster.

In other news, I am about 80% of the way done with a composition for my next watercolor piece.  Then I just need to do color tests…and pencil it out…and then paint it.  : /

I’m going to try something stylistic with that one in a stained-glass/Art Nouveau sort of vein…because I don’t already tend towards that with these cards, natch.


The Visionary–WIP 3


Work continues apace…a very, very slow pace.  Further hampered by the fact that I decided after almost an hour of fiddling with one element to just take it out entirely.  (Ugh.)

This is not where my strengths lie, in hard edges and human constructions.  They have rules and geometries that my brain is not made for.  I would much rather be playing with organic shapes and swoops and curves.  My uncle once asked me if I had ever considered becoming an architect and I replied with certainty and not a little bit of horror that I had not–it is annoying enough to have to pick up a straight edge without also having to worry about precise measurements that could make a building fall on someone.

So I am going to try hard to keep this card dynamic and full of movement, even if it has all the damned straight lines there ever could be.

The Visionary–WIP 2


In pursuit of my 2 cards/month goal, I applied butt to chair and worked some more on the Visionary.  I can tell this card is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth all the way–that little platform under his foot?  Took me 45 minutes.  Then I started trying to get perspective on the upright gear to not look wonky, had some marginal success, and decided that the headache meant I was done for the night.

There is going to be a challenge here of getting everything to fit together, which all things considered is very apropos for the theme.  I have at least managed to get the Visionary himself to fit right in, finally, by way of some anatomy tricks that I think came out pretty well in the end.  It’ll be a bit clearer when I add color flats to him so he isn’t overlapping the gear levers.  That is going to wait until I finish his inks, though–I designed an outfit for him that I’m still mulling over.  I really want to fit a set of crafters’ tools on a belt, but the scale may prevent that fine a detail.

Passion–pencil study


A pencil study for one part of a triptych I’ve been cogitating on.  The final piece will probably be watercolor and ink, unless something really weird strikes me in the meantime.  It will hopefully be evocative of stained-glass when it’s done.

Developing this concept, and the other two it’s a part of, has been…interesting.  It’s personal in a way I don’t have the words yet to describe, but this is more than just an illustration for me.