The Visionary–WIP 2


In pursuit of my 2 cards/month goal, I applied butt to chair and worked some more on the Visionary.  I can tell this card is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth all the way–that little platform under his foot?  Took me 45 minutes.  Then I started trying to get perspective on the upright gear to not look wonky, had some marginal success, and decided that the headache meant I was done for the night.

There is going to be a challenge here of getting everything to fit together, which all things considered is very apropos for the theme.  I have at least managed to get the Visionary himself to fit right in, finally, by way of some anatomy tricks that I think came out pretty well in the end.  It’ll be a bit clearer when I add color flats to him so he isn’t overlapping the gear levers.  That is going to wait until I finish his inks, though–I designed an outfit for him that I’m still mulling over.  I really want to fit a set of crafters’ tools on a belt, but the scale may prevent that fine a detail.


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