The Visionary–WIP 3


Work continues apace…a very, very slow pace.  Further hampered by the fact that I decided after almost an hour of fiddling with one element to just take it out entirely.  (Ugh.)

This is not where my strengths lie, in hard edges and human constructions.  They have rules and geometries that my brain is not made for.  I would much rather be playing with organic shapes and swoops and curves.  My uncle once asked me if I had ever considered becoming an architect and I replied with certainty and not a little bit of horror that I had not–it is annoying enough to have to pick up a straight edge without also having to worry about precise measurements that could make a building fall on someone.

So I am going to try hard to keep this card dynamic and full of movement, even if it has all the damned straight lines there ever could be.


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