The Visionary–WIP 4


Okay, so this is a little jumbly right now but I promise it’ll make more sense once I put in color flats to hide things wot are under other things.  Right now I am focusing on getting it all actually up there, and later I am sure I will have to tweak composition.

I’m pretty sure my 2 cards/month goal was not overly ambitious, but this card is probably one of the worst ones to start with in terms of amount of work it is taking.  Hopefully it will go a little quicker now that I have most of the gear-shapes done; those have been absolutely hell even with Photoshop doing a lot of the hard work.  Even the planet-globes, round as they are, are not nearly such a headache and go up much faster.

In other news, I am about 80% of the way done with a composition for my next watercolor piece.  Then I just need to do color tests…and pencil it out…and then paint it.  : /

I’m going to try something stylistic with that one in a stained-glass/Art Nouveau sort of vein…because I don’t already tend towards that with these cards, natch.


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