Deepest Forest–WIP 3


Haha, and I have even managed to install my scanner drivers properly on my new laptop, so you can see the colors better than on my crappy phone camera!

Let’s see, what have I learned since the last time I posted.  I’m getting a little better with my water-brush.  I’m finding that it works much better to only squeeze it when the brush tip is very nearly dry, at least if you are doing detail work.  Otherwise water comes out in a big blobby and sits there on the paper.  I also experimented (not on this piece) with using it in conjunction with watercolor pencils and found a very interesting technique.  You can rub the tip of the water brush against the head of the pencil, and pick up quite a strong amount of pigment without saturating the brush head.  Of course, this only works if you are okay using the pure color from whatever pencils you have on hand.

Also, permanent rose does not set up.  It was over a week after I painted the amaranths hanging off the bridge and just touching them with water made the color spread immediately.  It was unintended but I think it will be okay, and now I know to do anything with permanent rose last.


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