The Fountain–WIP 4


Getting there….getting there.  The line art is very nearly done; I pretty much have the ground to clean up and then probably some branches that I will tweak as I do the colors/move the wisteria blossoms around for optimized composition.  I haven’t laid down the flats on the blossoms yet; that’s why they are overlapping things in a weird way.

The water.  Ye gods, the water.  I spent the last three days working mostly on that fountain, because if there is one thing this style does not do well, it is water.  The semi-transparency just doesn’t work in most cases, so I have been treating water as opaque throughout the deck.  And because the lines have to be so bold and joined-up, you can’t get some of the gestural quality that can make the eye think it’s seeing a liquid in motion.  Still, I like the end result, even if it was slow as molasses to get there and made me want to tear my hair out.


The Fountain–WIP 3


There’s going to be a lot of cleaning-up of lines in this one, I can tell.  X__X

Today I sketched in the male figure as well as the fountain.   I was extremely pleased with how the pose came out in the end, though it took me several tries and erasing the whole thing and starting again.  I did use reference for the face, because I am absolutely terrible at angles like that, but the body was from imagination.

The fountain also went through a few iterations as I was building it up, but I have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like now.  I wanted to go for something Byzantine and ancient as stone, because this card is a Milestone and something of a force of nature rather than something polished and civilized and manmade. Now that I have the design, I will have to go in and break parts of it too, because it is that old.  : /

One of my favorite things is getting to design objects/clothing.  I think a really cool job would be scene and prop design for movies or stage productions, and if there were any way I could stand living on the West Coast that might have been a thing I considered as a career.  But alas.

I love it when objects and environment tell their own story without needing words.  There is always a reason an object looks how it does, because it’s a product of the culture and circumstances it came from.  It’s one of the things that really good video games do really well (see Bioshock and its sequels–oh my goodness, the visual language in those games).

In any case, this is coming along nicely.

Deepest Forest


In thorns and light and brambles and reddest blooms, it goes all the way down.

Well, here it is.  I think it has changed a good amount since the last WIP I posted.  I like how the ink-over-watercolor turned out in the end, though to be honest I did not begin this painting thinking I would finish it that way.  I used a Copic multiliner for the black ink, and a Uniball Signo Angelic white ink pen for the other.

The stretching of the watercolor paper turned out to be a success; even after I cut it off the board there was hardly any wibble in the paper.  I should be able to re-use the board after I clean it up a bit, too.

I think I need a new scanner.  This one has a very difficult time capturing the robust-ness of colors (and ye gods I need one with a larger scan bed).  My current one may or may not be about 12 years old.  <_<