Deepest Forest


In thorns and light and brambles and reddest blooms, it goes all the way down.

Well, here it is.  I think it has changed a good amount since the last WIP I posted.  I like how the ink-over-watercolor turned out in the end, though to be honest I did not begin this painting thinking I would finish it that way.  I used a Copic multiliner for the black ink, and a Uniball Signo Angelic white ink pen for the other.

The stretching of the watercolor paper turned out to be a success; even after I cut it off the board there was hardly any wibble in the paper.  I should be able to re-use the board after I clean it up a bit, too.

I think I need a new scanner.  This one has a very difficult time capturing the robust-ness of colors (and ye gods I need one with a larger scan bed).  My current one may or may not be about 12 years old.  <_<


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