The Fountain–WIP 4


Getting there….getting there.  The line art is very nearly done; I pretty much have the ground to clean up and then probably some branches that I will tweak as I do the colors/move the wisteria blossoms around for optimized composition.  I haven’t laid down the flats on the blossoms yet; that’s why they are overlapping things in a weird way.

The water.  Ye gods, the water.  I spent the last three days working mostly on that fountain, because if there is one thing this style does not do well, it is water.  The semi-transparency just doesn’t work in most cases, so I have been treating water as opaque throughout the deck.  And because the lines have to be so bold and joined-up, you can’t get some of the gestural quality that can make the eye think it’s seeing a liquid in motion.  Still, I like the end result, even if it was slow as molasses to get there and made me want to tear my hair out.


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