The Fountain


The Fountain represents our ability to overcome adversity and start anew, either through determination and inspiration or through the simple passage of time. This Ikon washes the past away, allowing us to move on however much our lives and selves may have changed.

Ahh.  Good to be done.  Getting all the foliage/wisteria to line up and fly straight was so fiddly you have no idea.  I think at one point I had four different layers I was working on for the line-art, and by the end the most expedient way to deal with it was to collapse them all down onto the same layer.  Of course,  that meant I had to erase all the overlapping bits, but it was definitely the best way to make sure everything lined up properly.

I need to do something that doesn’t involve petals or leaves for the next one.  Also, I have been ruminating on Virtues cards and had some good ideas.


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