Inktober 30

inktober 15_30“More tea, Mister Bubbles?”

….I’m not sure how the Big Daddy is supposed to drink the tea.  But it’s probably imaginary tea anyways and therefore moot.


Inktober 24

inktober 15_24I was playing video games on Saturday, so sue me.

Fun fact: when I was a kid, my answer to the question “what do you want to do when you grow up?” was “draw for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic”.

Inktober 23

inktober 15_23I had this other thing I was working on for yesterday’s Inktober.  But then I finally finished the pencils on it and realized that if getting that far had taken me 3+ hours, I was going to run out of stamina/muck it up horribly if I tried to finish it all in one day.

So instead you can have a cute anthropomorphized version of the Companion Cube.  It just wants to be your friend!  Testing has proven that the anthropomorphic Companion Cube is 73% less likely to be incinerated by the subject.  …You monster.

Inktober 16

inktober 15_16I got about forty-five minutes into designing this other thing before I realized, “Wait…I can’t really do this justice with only black ink.  D’oh.”  So instead I threw together a Sailor Mercury fanart.  Take it or leave it.  : P