Winter tableau

birches final

The final piece we did in my watercolor class.  It was a tutorial for using masking fluid, which was used to block out the trees and paint the other portions of the piece.  Then we removed the masking fluid and painted in the trees as well.


City of Day and Night

equinox final

Finished, finally.  (I did not forget about it, but I was so hesitant to actually put ink to it.)

Equinox, one of the weirder incarnations of the Eternal City.  I had much fun drawing all the fiddly bits into this.  I think the Nightside/watery half came out quite well, or at least, it is fuzzy in the way I had it in my head.

Done with washes of India ink.  Used wet-on-wet techniques for some of the water, and fineliners to pick out detail on Dayside.

On the Water

lake landscape final

The final version.  Happy with the colors I managed to get out of this one, and some of the water blooms.  Pthalo blue plus burnt umber makes such a lovely and vivid dark green.

Landscape color test

lake landscape test final

A color test I did before the final version of this piece.  Learned a lot of things not to do, which seems to be about right.  One of which was that cadmium yellow is not the right yellow for this one.  Another of which was that ripples in the paper are argh annoying and can seriously muck up a picture.  (At some point I will start stretching my paper beforehand, but I don’t have the supplies for it yet.)  Also, trees are pretty but annoying.  : -P

Gothic Sunset

gothic sunset final

More wet-on-wet practice, with my brush ink pen over the top.  I think this turned out pretty good, actually, though I wish I’d been able to get more vivid colors in the sky.  The teacher for my class says I will probably want to upgrade to the artist-grade paints instead of student-grade because the concentration of pigment is much higher.  I tend to agree, though hopefully my current paints will last a little while longer because they are expensive, yo.

Watercolor Practice

Some doodly things I did for my watercolor class.  The first two are value studies (focusing on lights and darks); that thing is a salmon nigiri sushi plushie, if you can’t tell from looking.  😛

We were trying out wet-on-wet techniques in class for the last two.  Not really happy with the results of either, although the bottom right corner of the landscape has some interesting things going on.